If you desire a healthy, beautiful lawn, Full Circle has the right fertilization and weed control solutions for you!

Let’s face it; you’re looking for results from your Monmouth County lawn care company. You want someone who is reliable and knowledgeable to provide a beautiful, green turf!

Full Circle’s fertilizers are always formulated for the soil conditions specific to the Monmouth County area. Fertilization for your lawn adds the necessary nutrients in the required amounts to promote healthier and greener turf. A lush, healthy lawn is the best defense for withstanding adverse conditions such as disease and drought.

Weeds in your lawn are unsightly. There are weeds that thrive during every season in Monmouth County. Effective weed control depends on several factors timing, stage of growth, and correct identification. Resilient weeds don’t rest, and neither does Full Circle’s proven weed control program.


Rest assured that you will have trained professionals on your site. Our licensed fertilization applicators are trained to avoid burning the turf or leaving stripes in the lawn.

Full Circle’s team pays attention to all the details – including treating behind your A/C unit, going all the way to the woods line, and ensuring that we are treating the turf with the appropriate mix rate.

Keep your lawn healthy all-season long with Full Circle’s professional lawn care services.